Data Acquisition, Telemetry (Campbell Scientific Inc. -
Campbell Scientific CR200-Series Data loggers/Wireless Sensors

Data Acquisition, Telemetry (McCROMETER Connect)
Satellite and spread spectrum (Base and Field Stations)
Cellular and UHF Radio (Gateways, Base and Field Stations)

Wireless Communication Solutions
Trimble TMR1

Real-Time Soil Water, Temperature and Salinity monitoring Sensors and Probes
Acclima (TDT)
New! Acclima TDR – 315L SDI – 12 : Single-ended Sensor; 15 cm Rod Length
Aquaflex (TDT)
Decagon (Capacitance)
Dynamax (Impedance)
EnviroPro (Capacitance)
EnviroSCAN (Capacitance)
McCrometer Connect (TDR)
Stevens Water Monitoring (Impedance)

Real-Time Water Quantity, Flow, Pressure, monitoring Meters and Controllers (McCROMETER Connect)

Real-Time Water Quality (EC, pH, DO) monitoring Sensors and Probes McCROMETER Connect)

Real-Time Sap Flow and Diameter monitoring in trees (Environmental Monitoring Systems – EMS)

Real-Time Water Monitoring in the Atmosphere (Agro-Meteorological, ET and Weather Stations)
Environmental Measuring Systems – EMS
ET Gage

Satellite and Cellular Data Packages and Web pricing (McCROMETER Connect)

TRANSACTIONS of the International Symposiums on Soil Water Measurement using Capacitance, Impedance and TDT
Symposium – 2002 (Beltsville, MD, USA)
Symposium – 2007 (Beltsville, MD, USA)
Symposium – 2010 (Murcia, Spain)
Symposium – 2014 (Montreal, Canada). Individual papers can be purchased here: Symposium 2014 Store