Demo in Romania (embanked Great Island of Danube River, Braila County)

PALTIN International Inc. (West Laurel, Maryland, USA), in cooperation with the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA - Bucharest, Romania), and the Station for Agricultural Research and Development (SCDA - Braila County, Romania) agreed to organize a one year Demo in the embanked Great Island of Danube River, Braila County, Romania.

PALTIN International will introduce a dedicated Weather Station for real-time water resources monitoring using Low Earth Orbit Satellite technologies:  McCROMETER CONNECT Mini-SAT Premium Field Monitoring Station (Hemet, California, USA); and the Acclima Inc., TDR-315L SDI-12 Soil Water/EC/Temperature/Permittivity Sensors (Meridian, Idaho, USA).

PALTIN International Demo is part of a larger research and development project (MOSES - Romania), including capacitance sensors(former Decagon Devices, Pullman, Washington, USA) and soil water profile impedance probes(Delta-T Devices Ltd, Cambridge, UK). Details at Demo in Romania.

The main objective of MOSES project (Managing crop water Saving with Enterprise Services) which received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is to put in place and demonstrate at the real scale of application an information platform ( devoted to water procurement and management agencies (e.g. reclamation consortia, irrigation districts, etc.) to facilitate planning of irrigation water resources.


The main products of the MOSES project are:

Long and medium term irrigation forecasting

This module performs, both at long and medium term, irrigation water demand forecasting for areas under MOSES service. The module includes a daily weather data generator and runs the water balance model (CRITERIA), estimating and scheduling irrigation water consumption. The long term forecasting service is provided once early in the season, starting from seasonal probabilistic climate forecasting and a local climatic dataset; it will support users in the definition of optimal planning for water procurement and allocation before the beginning of the irrigation period.


In-season water demand monitoring

This module monitors and refines the seasonal crop irrigation demand forecasting, producing a performance analysis useful for assessing water demand and delivery needs during the irrigation season. The innovative module provides in-season monitoring of evapotranspiration and water storage status; this information is compared with the crop irrigation demand forecast, issued at the beginning of the irrigation season.


For more information please contact Dr. Ioan C. Paltineanu at