PALTIN Symposium Transactions on Google Books

Dr. Ioan Caton Paltineanu, the editor, and PALTIN International Inc., the publisher, of the Transactions of International Symposiums on Soil Water Measurement using Capacitance, Impedance and TDT announce that our Transactions of International Symposiums held at: the CEBAS-CSIC, Murcia, Spain(2010); the USDA-ARS, BARC, Beltsville, Maryland, USA,(2007); and the USDA-ARS, BARC, Beltsville, Maryland, USA, (2002), can be found at ( Science General) under ISBN Numbers as follows:

Transactions: Symposium - 2010

ISBN 0982796927, 9780982796924

Transactions: Symposium 2007

ISBN 0982796919, 9780982796917

Transactions: Symposium 2002

ISBN 0982796900, 9780982796900