Organizing Symposium - 2010

The Third International Symposium on Soil Water Measurement Using Capacitance, Impedance and TDT will be organized by Paltin International Inc. in cooperation with the CEBAS - CESIC, at Murcia, Spain, April 79, 2010. The ICID CIID is the collaborative sponsor of Symposium 2010. Main topics will cover: The State of the Art; Application Case Studies; and New Developments. A specific focus will be on real-time multi-parameter (Water/EC/Temperature) soil profile monitoring probes and telemetry systems. An International and a Local Organizing Committee will be responsible for the peer review and approval of timely submitted papers, posters, and for local organization of symposium (details on Home Page under Third International Symposium - 2010). Invited Keynote Speaker is Professor Dr. Chandra Madramootoo President of ICID CIID. Transactions (printed and CD-ROM) will be distributed to participants at the opening of symposium. Contact persons are: Dr. Ioan Caton Paltineanu and Dr. Juan Vera Munoz